By the results of the STELOX® experiences, whose recovery and recycling system included a group of devices to be installed on ground, a new system has been conceived – the RISTELOX® system – in which by means of some suitable mixing, recovery and remixing devices, the Oxygen Aeration Efficiency easily reaches values up to 100%.

This allows not only a drastic reduction of the manufacturing and installation costs, but improves also the efficiency of the oxygen recycling.

A new system, RISTELOX®-D, permits to solve a difficult problem, typical of the lakes regeneration: the phosphate insolubilization and precipitation.

In fact, by means of RISTELOX®-D it is possible to inject into the basins, together with oxygen and/or independently of it, calculated amounts of chemical products suitable to insolubilize the phosphorous compounds, to enable their flocculation and precipitation to the bottom.

After the regeneration of the above mentioned lake, the RISTELOX® and RISTELOX®-D system have been succesfully installed on many other Italian natural and/or artificial basins, either of fresh water or seawater.