This system is able to treat biologically waste polluted waters of domestic origin and also of industrial type, on condition that they are of organic sources.
The system process is based on the phisical principle of oxygen concentration increasing under heavy pressure and a long duration of the contact of the two phases “Pure Oxygen/Polluted Waters”.

A unit of small dimension and very high treatment capacity can be installed, with total utilization of pure oxygen and complete elimination of bad smells and toxic or harmful aerosols.
STERILOX®-T represents the best solution either as investment or as operating costs.


The STERILOX®-TNP system is able to treat biologically waste waters of domestic and/or industrial sources, with high Process Loading Factor.
The system is particularly useful when small areas are available for the construction of the water treatment complex and bad smells problems are existing.

STERILOX®-TNP is highly compact and can include also the nitrification/denitrification sections. When necessary, the system can also operate with a suitable dephosphorization unit.

The installation costs of STERILOX®-TNP are minimal, the overall dimensions are very restricted, the operation is automatic and the control is continuous, without troublesome, toxic or detrimental gas emission.

This feature allows the STERILOX®-TNP to be free from enforced obligation of a safety zone between such plants and communities as required practically everywhere.

Such freedom in terms of lesser land cost, ditching, piping, etc., may mean a saving of between 40% to 60% of the total present cost of a traditional plant.

On the other side, due to the high Oxygen Aeration Efficiency, the operating costs, particularly when the oxygen production originates from on site molecular sieve units, are totally competitive with the normal traditional aeration installations costs.