Chlor-alkali plants


Chlor-alkali plants

SESPI have designed a simple and effective membrane electrolyzer to be fitted in the small/medium industrial units which can take advantage either of chlorine or caustic (or possibly both products) for the commercialization of derivatives.

Such production unit is :

  • ¬†easily managed also by operators not necessarily skilled in chlorine handling unit
  • ¬†easily following the various market demands on both peak and bottom requests

SESPI electrolyzer has been designed to meet the request of the middle and small consumers of chlorine and caustic. It can be installed in a single unit arrangement or in multiple units, if higher capacities are requested.

SESPI electrolyzer is simple to be operated, has good flexibility and easy maintenance.
Our Company also supplies all the necessary equipment to prepare and purify the brine for the membrane electrolyzer operation and the chlorine, caustic and hydrogen handling and distribution.

SESPI is in the position to supply its experience and assistance necessary for helping the customers to operate this equipment satisfactorily.