Electrochlorination system


Electrochlorination system

CHLOROPURE® electrolyzers are the preferred electrochlorination technology for the on site production of Sodium hypochlorite solution by electrolysis from seawater or brine. This technology is used for biofouling control in power plants, liquefied natural gas plants (LNG) terminals, cooling towers marine ballast water treatments, desalination facilities and all coastal installations using seawater for cooling or other process needs.

CHLOROPURE® systems are supplied on a skid mounted basis compatible with transport and handling limitations.

CHLOROPURE® systems consist of electrolytic cells of modular construction; these are combined in an electrical and hydraulic series and fastened together to form an electrodes pack assembly, which is placed in a cylindrical electrolyzer body.
Electrolytic cells are bipolar in design. The electrolyzers operate under constant seawater flow rate while the D.C. current is adjusted so that the generation of chlorine instantaneously matches the water treatment demand.

The replacement of the electrodes pack assembly during the scheduled maintenance, can be easily done by removing the exhausted/damaged pack assembly from the electrolyzer body and by inserting the new or repaired one in a short time and without need for special tools.



Specific applications

  • Ballast water treatments
  • Desalination plant – Sea water intakes
  • Fertilizer plants- Process water
  • Oil & Gas plants – Process water
  • Platforms/FPSO – Fire fighting and process water
  • Power Plant – Condensers cooling water
  • Power Plant – Cooling tower units
  • Refineries – Process water