Chemicals dosings

The dosing of various chemicals is part of the equipment required in plants handling water of controlled quality.
For example, Power Houses feed water quality is strictly controlled by means of injection of various chemicals, as ammonia, phosphates and the like.


Hypochlorite Production

Commercial Sodium Hypochlorite is obtained by means of a synthesis between gaseous Chlorine and diluted Caustic-Soda.


HCl Synthesis

Commercially, pure Hydrochloric Acid must be obtained by direct synthesis between Chlorine-Gas and Hydrogen.
Both these gases are produced in the Chlor-Alkali electrolysis process.


ZLD Systems

This kind of plants has been developed in order to overcome the fresh water shortage that affects many industrial compounds, with the aim to reduce the fresh water consumption ( both surface and underground) and also to minimize the waste , mainly in areas where there are strong limitations to discharge process eluates.


THT Injection Systems

The odorization is a system applied to odorise natural gases which are itself odourless. Therefore, the gas odorization is an indispensable safety measure to protect the users, guarantee a safe network, and thus an efficient means to eliminate risks and wastage.