Traditional aeration systems and processes


Traditional aeration systems and processes

Traditional aeration systems and processes

Traditional aeration systems and processes

The equipment designed for this purpose are called “aerators” and they enable the oxygen diffusion into the water by means of the two following systems:

a) violent blowing of compressed air into the water with fine bubble gas dispersion into the liquid

b) violent spraying of water into the air, with fine bubble liquid dispersion in the same air.

Both in the first and the second of the two systems, as the pure oxygen volume in the air is one part to five, it is clear that, at the same conditions, the surface necessary to dissolve a certain volume of pure oxygen shall be five times less than the required surface using air.
Hence the water amount necessary to dissolve the same volume is also five times bigger than that required, when starting from air instead of oxygen.

SESPI pure oxygen systems and processes

Presently, SESPI’s experience and design for oxygen applicability to the biological depuration have reached an exclusive and remarkable development both in the scientific and in the industrial field.

The advantages of SESPI’s pure oxygen systems compared with traditional aeration systems are as follows:

  • greater concentration of oxygen in the water and – as a consequence – possibility of reduction of the interested volumes
  • minor energy cost in the compression of oxygen to be blown into the water (reduced to one fifth compared to air)
  • minor energy cost of water pumping (in this case too, about one fifth)
  • easy handling and availability of oxygen on site

The traditional aeration systems, that dissolve the oxygen contained in the air, are based on mechanical injection of air into water. With such systems it is impossible to overcome an Oxygen Aeration Efficiency (ratio between dissolved and injected oxygen) in the order of 5 – 10%.
On the contrary, SESPI’s systems, that dissolve into water pure oxygen, reach an Oxygen Aeration Efficiency up to 100%.

Moreover, the total oxygen dissolution obtained with SESPI’s systems, prevent the generation of detrimental gas emission and consequently avoid troublesome atmospheric pollution, that traditional air aerators cause in the surroundings of their installations.
Such atmospheric pollution is easily experienced by whoever lives near traditional biological aeration plants, whose exhalations are disagreable and force their installations to be as far as possible from built-up areas, with relevant large expenditure for ditches, conduits, piping and electrical, hydraulic and road connections.

On the contrary, SESPI’s systems can be installed without problems of atmospheric pollution so that they can be safely installed even in resorts, gardens or wherever it is necessary to treat polluted sheets of water.